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Learn Cello


…You’ve come to the right place…

Enny’s Music School provides Cello Lessons for anyone age 3 and up.

The classes are taught by Mrs. Enny Velasquez herself who has been teaching to many students in Victoria and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

Every month you will get 4 private cello lessons (1 per week and 30 minutes each) from Enny’s home.  She uses the “Suzuki Method” to teach her students ensuring top quality education for you or your children.

When you enroll for cello lessons from Mrs. Velasquez you must make a commitment to practice your cello daily.

As Mrs. Velasquez always says “You can’t expect to let the cello sit there and be a perfect cello player.  You MUST pick it up and play for 30 minutes a day in order to improve your skill.”

If you’re ready to learn and play cello like a pro then…

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Your Teacher,